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Club Championships

The four grades of the Club Championships have a prestigious Medal named after them.  These Medals are named after prominent past Members who have given their heart and soul to the Club to make it what it is today.

  • A Grade: John Thorsen Snr – Past Life Member and President during the 1970s. Past President of the Australian and Qld Golf Unions in 1990s.
  • B Grade: Jack Hildreth – Past Life Member, President and Captain through the 1970s & ’80s
  • C Grade: Ken Jones – Pacific Golf Club’s longest-serving Club Golf Professional 1957-1982
  • D Grade: Allan Hughes – Past Life Member, Captain and Committee member through 1970s.
Year  A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade
2011 M. Salmond P. Ivanovski P. Hsu G. Cuskelly
2012 R. Gaske G. Courts L. Scanlon G. Wagner
2013 S. Luton M. Gwynne P. Walsh Z. Bosa
2014 S. Brown R. Wintour M. Wheatley F. Clarke
2015 B Proverbs C Robertson G Townsend A Young
2016 S. Brown A. Lynd R. Downey S. Gao
2017 NA D. Crandell S. Gao A. Hewton
2018 M. Salmond L. Butterworth J. Lowe B. Gardner
2019 M. Salmond S. Gao S. Browning G. Spence

Handicap Match Play Championships

Year                      A Grade                                                B Grade                                              C Grade                                             D Grade                                        
2014 M. Salmond B. McCulloch Z. Bosa M. Bruce
2015 D. Hudson P. Johnston C. O’Brien A. Hewton
2016 D. Hudson P. Thomas P. Spranklin P. Spranklin
2017 P. Jager B. Hourigan T. Young J. O’Shea
2018 L. Butterworth B. Danielson G. Byrne J. Klaassen


2014 K. Taguchi & S. Luton
2015 D. Jones & S. Brown
2016 B. Proverbs & R. Gaske
2017 F. Ryan & C. Harvey
2018 C. Melvin & C. Jimenez
2019 L. Elsom & T. Want


2014 B. Proverbs & S. White
2015 B. Proverbs & S. White
2016 W. Arthur & W. Arthur
2017 M. Heenan & D. Heenan
2018 J. Lynn & A. Belonogoff






2014 S. Mills & P. Griffin
2015 P. Mooney & A. Walker
2016 B. Kearney & M. Kearney
2017 C. O’Brien & I. Tanner
2018 J. Pendall & A. Zanco


2017 The Reliables – WON 2/1 over the The Cool Group
2018 All the Presidents Men
2019 The Reliables