430 Pine Mountain Road,
Phone: (07) 3343 0888
Email: reception@pacificgolf.com.au

PLAYING RIGHTS All players MUST report to the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of play. This also includes practice and social rounds. Please check times with daily events and tee times as listed in the calendar of events and on the club website. Tee sheets are in operation every day of the week. Please check the daily availability for play with the Pro Shop or on the club website. At all times, Club Competitions and other scheduled events, including Corporate Groups when booked, will have priority on the course


Monday Medley Competition 6:15am-12:30pm (1 tee) Available all day
May be a corporate day
Tuesday Ladies Competition 7:45am-9:30am (2 tees)
Medley Competition 11am-12:45pm (2 tees)
18 holes 11am-12:45 2 tees
9 holes 3:30pm onwards 2 tees
Wednesday Medley Competition
6:15am-12:40pm (2 tees)
9 holes 3:30pm onwards 2 tees
Thursday Ladies Competition 6:30am-8:30 (1 tee)
Medley Competition 6:30am-12:45pm (2 tees)
9 holes 6am-6:15 2 tees (summer)
18 holes 11am-12:45pm 2 tees
9 holes 3:15pm onwards
Friday Medley Competition 6:15am-12:30pm (1 tee) 18 holes 12:30pm-2pm 1 tee
9 holes 2pm-4pm 1 tee
Saturday Mens Competition 6:15am-12:30pm (2 tees)
Ladies Competition 6:15am-12:30pm (2 tees)
Junior Competition 7:45-8am (1 tee)
9 holes 3:30pm-4:15pm 2 tees
Sunday Medley Competition 6am-12:30pm (2 tees)
Mixed 4BBB Comp 6am-12:30pm (2 tees)
18 holes from 6am 1 tee
9 holes 3:15pm-4:15 2 tees


LIABILITY ON PERSONAL PROPERTY STORED OR BROUGHT TO THE CLUB The following policy covers all personal belongings, including but not limited to, all golfing equipment left at the club, or brought onto the clubs property. “The Club shall not be liable to any member, visitor, guest or invitee for any loss, damage or destruction to any personal property brought onto Club premises by the said member, visitor, guest or invitee unless such loss, damage or destruction was the deliberate or negligent act of the Club or its authorized agents or employees or the property has been formally deposited into their safe custody.” For claim forms on coverage of golfing equipment under the Club’s insurance policy, please see the Administration of the Club. Club Management.  


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